"Goodness is the only investment that never fails."

Henry David Thoreau wrote those words more than 150 years ago, yet they still serve today to embrace the unique mission of the Pals For Life Foundation.

Pals For Life was launched in 1995 to give comfort and emergency financial assistance to a young and popular Chatham bartender struck down by a devastating injury. Suddenly he was left unable to earn a living for himself or his family, and he faced years of costly rehabilitation.

But our community responded. Recognizing that "we are all keepers of our brothers and sisters", scores of his caring friends came together to form the Pals For Life Foundation as a non-profit organization. They hosted a fund-raising golf tournament that awarded him $10,000 in emergency assistance when he needed it most.

Over the past 28 years, PFL has grown and expanded to raise more than $650,000.00 that’s become a godsend for more individuals who urgently needed emergency financial assistance to grapple with an accidental injury or catastrophic illness.

With its roots in the Cape Cod hospitality industry and strong support from scores of local independent restaurant owners and their employees, PFL has achieved an unmatched record of success in quickly providing hope, heart and helping hand without layers of bureaucracy or costly administration. Yet every year, the need continues to grow.

Most years the PFL Board disburses more than $23,000 to help injured or disabled hospitality workers to obtain financial relief. And this year, our fund-raising goal is the largest ever. To meet all of our obligations and commitments, your help is needed today to help us raise $25,000 for the Pals For Life Foundation in 2023.

So join with us. Be a Pal. Invest in the goodness we do every day, right here with our friends for life on Cape Cod.